UPS Transportation Solutions

UPS provides transportation solutions that make use of particular types of vehicles, infrastructure and operations.

The basics of logistics involves getting something to the right place at the right time, and that means moving freight. UPS has decades of experience with all manners of transportation of freight – from small, single parcels to large freight that requires custom-built jumbo jets, shipping crates or trucks to transport.

With the UPS global network spanning more than 120 countries, your merchandise is never very far from its destination. And with the WMS supporting the supply chain, your shipments are trackable and secure. You can ship lamps from Louisville or washers from Wisconsin – UPS has the experience, the know-how and the capacity to get everything to its destination, safe and whole, every time.

Transportation on a global scale, supported by UPS supply chain solutions, makes the iAPPS Commerce Suite a rock solid proposition for mid- to large-market businesses - at the speed of the web.

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