Returns & Repair

UPS is Ready to Handle Your Returns and Provide Complete Repair Services

Management of Returns Directly Impacts Satisfaction

Simple, efficient returns processes are essential to developing and maintaining strong relationships with your customers. But they also create opportunities to introduce more of your wares  - even to new customers - than you might think.

Everyone loves to get gifts, but often the gifts they receive aren’t necessarily the ones they want. Returns are a perfect opportunity to introduce these new leads to your store - and your easy, effective return and exchange process. Once they’ve seen one that works, and works well, they’ll come back, and pass it on to their friends.

With iAPPS Commerce, you can manage more than simple customer returns and exchanges. Most businesses also need to traffic inbound and outbound packages going to multiple locations. Integration between the UPS Warehouse Mangement System (WMS) and iAPPS Commerce handles all of that for you, so all you need to watch are the books. If you manufacture products that require complex service support, Total eCommerce™ can help with fulfillment of these requests, so that the repaired items reach your shop quickly, and return to the customer just as fast.

Serve Your Customers Worldwide

Equipped with access to UPS services worldwide, can help you better serve your international customers. Reaching out to the quickly growing international customer base will increase your competitive advantage, boost your customer retention and increase efficiency.

No matter the type or size of the company, iAPPS Commerce will help you manage your returns and keep your customers returning for more.

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