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Your online store is a global enterprise faced with what might sometimes seem like an unwieldy, large and widespread customer base. After all, with the number of online shoppers growing exponentially year-over-year (global eCommerce is on pace to transact $963 billion by 2013 – give or take a billion or so), the prospect of fulfilling your share of those numbers can be daunting.

Partnering with UPS, though, can give you the support you need to satisfy more than just a reasonable percentage of that audience. With decades of supply chain solutions experience, and the world's most successful, proven infrastructure built to support the most effective packing and shipping operation in the business, UPS is dedicated to making your company a success. iAPPS' integration with the UPS Warehouse Management System (WMS) increases efficiency in packing and shipping and results in a higher degree of sustainability – a fact that will win over your customers with eco-conscious efforts.

Inventory strategies are our specialty

Since your inventory can be stored at any of our global warehouses, the best options for packing and shipping – for each package your customers order – can be handled by the UPS team. We’ll make sure that every item is combined in the safest, most economical packaging, and then shipped with the speed that you require.

Attention to detail and superior product handling ensure satisfied customers each and every time, require no additional cost, and prevent unnecessary returns.
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