Inventory Management

Inventory is Your Capital; UPS Helps you Maintain Door-to-Door Control

Maximizing Inventory Turns is Essential

One of the many challenges of a web store is keeping the supply chain flowing easily. If you have too much product, you’re bound to lose money on storage – and if your product is perishable, that’s a recipe for disaster. Not enough, and you lose customers to whomever does have it, and chances are you’ve lost them for good, since now they know where they can find it.

WMS Lightens Your Load

With the iAPPS Commerce, you and your customers can manage and watch inventory in real time – with transparency that’s never existed at this level before. Using the UPS Warehouse Management System (WMS) to manage your supply chain relieves your business of more than just storage space – it takes away the hassle of last-minute inventory management as well.

With the WMS, you’re always aware of how much product you have on the shelves in the UPS warehouse, and you can watch it in real-time. No more surprises based on miscalculations – the WMS handles that for you, and will let you know when inventory thresholds are closing in.

Your customers see these results, too, which means they have up to date information on the availability of product, or how long they’ll have to wait for re-stocking.

A lot of information never hurt anyone – and it stands to help your bottom line significantly.

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