Bring Your Mobile Customers A Viable eCommerce Experience.

Reach Your Customers Any Time, Wherever They Are.

In today’s mobile landscape, your content and products can be found anywhere and everywhere, and at anytime – on smartphones, tablets, e-readers and more. Nearly every U.S. adult now owns a mobile phone, and more than half use it to regularly access the web. It’s clear that mobile is no longer a channel that businesses can afford to ignore.

With custom-built and mobile-optimized sites powered by the iAPPS Product Suite, you can target a huge range of these devices to provide your customers with information, specials and news about your online store – anytime, anywhere. That kind of constant presence translates into greater reach into an ever expanding customer base, and an immeasurable increase in potential conversions. In other words, our platform is mobile-ready, and is positioned to make your eCommerce strategy a constant success.

Mobile Design Isn't for Novices

Bridgeline develops mobile websites powered by iAPPS that serve your company's model, and that fit perfectly into your strategy to engage both current and potential customers wherever they are, whenever. We help put technology directly into your customers' hands, as well as your employees’, and into your social media strategies. Whether it’s a POS system, an external lead generation system, a coupon system, or a customer loyalty program - our goal is to maximize lift and increase conversions.

Mobile design is unique because it has to fit a very specific, demanding and constantly changing new medium. Great mobile designers maintain a fluid understanding of the various platforms on the market at any given time, and they recognize that design direction greatly impacts user experience, development timelines and budget. Bridgeline’s systematic and user-centered approach to mobile design and development adds mobile to your site that’s intuitive, accessible, engaging, effective - and fits into a sensible ROI.
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