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eMarketing to entice increased conversions

Bridgeline's Digital Strategy Group (DSG) holds an impressive and accomplished expertise in e-marketing, and it's our job to pass it on to you. Using tools that run the gamut from focused and creative content strategy to email marketing to social media, we can teach you to build you exciting and comprehensive e-marketing strategies that cover multiple channels, and net your store a growing customer stream.

Attaching the right mixture of e-marketing makes your online store a powerhouse, and combines all of it with the back end fulfillment and logistics of UPS WMS – covering everything from click to ship.

Expert SEO to enhance rank and drive more visits.

Seeing results from search engine optimization (SEO) takes time, and plenty of patience. Whether you’re an expert keyword geek or an enthusiastic novice, getting search algorithms to boost your store's rank doesn’t happen overnight. But with the right mix of skill, awareness and knowledge, the end result will always be positive.

Our digital strategists use expert SEO practices to produce measurable results in reasonable turnaround. We use more than typical keyword optimization, SWOT analysis and the like. We observe your entire web engagement management (WEM) profile, and fit it with expert SEO with an eCommerce focus. Then we teach you how to keep it running and improving smoothly, with constant attention to strategy, content creation and consistent execution.

Expert SEO will always be white hat SEO.

As search engines continue to get smarter, so does the need for websites to steer away from black-hat SEO tactics (and if you don't know what "black hat SEO means, you probably think you're OK - but think again). Not only do questionable practices affect real-life, human customers, they also severely damage link-building, organic search engine rankings and other digital relationships you’ve worked so hard to achieve – and in too many cases the effects are impossible to repair. Our Digital Strategy Group operates 100% within expert white hat best SEO practices and always follows legitimate guidelines to get you real, lasting and effective results.

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