Digital Strategy

Strategies that Drive eCommerce Results

Customer results come from more than stats, hits, clicks and views. 

Few eCommerce businesses realize just how strong, smart digital strategy directly drives their bottom line. Intelligently blending content strategies, creativity in  marketing and analytics with ease in fulfillment - with a strategic focus - can fine-tune your site from a run-of-the-mill eCommerce location into a profitable, unique, total experience. With digital strategy, you can enhance engagement by gathering information to entice visitors to return often.


Bridgeline knows exactly how important digital strategy is to Web Engagement Management (WEM), so we have an entire Digital Strategy Group (DSG) of proven experts dedicated to the concept – and to making your team and your site strong, intriguing, effective. This prolific level of dedication translates to fast, effective results.

Bridgeline's DSG combines years of marketing and online expertise with experience in journalism, advertising and web strategies to examine your total WEM strategy and how it can be utilized to help funnel visitors into conversions - and then into long term customers – fulfilling all your eCommerce needs. Using decades of integrated experience in content strategy, e-commerce and online marketing, we’ll teach you how to enhance your entire online experience.

Content is King - and the kingdom is growing.

Content fuels engagement the way gas does a car: the higher the octane, the cleaner, more powerfully and more efficiently it runs. Mediocre content leads to  half-hearted engagement - or, worse, no engagement at all - which ruins conversions and stalls your whole eCommerce engine. DSG can show you how to maintain high octane content that boosts both performance and engagement, and that translates into more conversions and repeat customers.

Marketing for eCommerce is much more than it used to be.

Marketing has been permanently altered by the internet, and we know it. eCommerce is a two-way street now: not only are your customers shopping differently, they’re also teaching you new ways to attract and keep them coming back to your site. Ultimately it's driven by memorable experiences and strong engagement. To reach that level you need strategy complete with multi-channel marketing campaigns running on an intuitive platform with the power of iAPPS Marketier and suggestive analyses from iAPPS Analyzer, both deeply integrated with iAPPS Commerce, Which will effectively support all of these parts. Intimate familiarity with the iAPPS Product Suite - and precisely how to implement its strengths - helps DSG build consistently premium, fully successful engagements.

Contact us to discuss strategies and options to get your WEM strategy rolling on high-octane fuel, efficiently and easily, with Bridgeline's DSG experts.

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