iAPPS Integrated with UPS WMS

Total Supply Chain Management

Increase Customer Satisfaction While Reducing Costs

With the overwhelming growth of eCommerce, integrated management of supply chains from warehousing to delivery has become a strategic advantage to outsource the whole process. Well planned and executed, efficiency in supply chain logistics will reduce operating costs, alleviate customer service issues and increase customer satisfaction.

Integrated with iAPPS Commerce, the UPS Warehouse Management System (WMS) completes the fulfillment circuit with remarkable success rates. Performance studies indicate a record of 99.8% order accuracy and 99.8% of orders shipped on time – numbers that satisfy all elements of the supply chain.

Experienced WMS consultants work with iAPPS developers to improve service, optimize distribution and transportation networks, and streamline global supply chains.

UPS can help:

  • Respond to market and seasonal fluctuations by leveraging a solid, proven global infrastructure.
  • Provide unmatched resources, including an experienced staff, vast network of facilities, services, and operating systems.
  • Meet market trends by boosting your speed to market with solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Reduce inventory carrying cost with a comprehensive solution that includes supply chain design, planning, and execution.
  • Insert visibility into, and enhance control of, product pipelines with advanced tracking, event reporting and data analysis.
  • Gain access to proven customs brokerage capabilities.

Integrated supply chain from the warehouse to delivery changes the game - in your favor.

In an environment where achieving competitive advantage while maintaining profit margins is a constantly growing challenge, focus on merchandising, marketing and conversion strategies, rather than on supply chain and fulfillment issues, is key.

Integrated WMS in iAPPS Commerce transforms fulfillment challenges into competitive advantages. Based on an impressive global transportation and distribution infrastructure and a comprehensive portfolio of support services, UPS WMS supports an advanced customer-facing eCommerce strategy.

Take eCommerce to the next level with UPS WMS and iAPPS Commerce– the conversion-building, fully realized distribution network you've always wanted.
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