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iAPPS Content Manager Overview

As the industry leading web experience management solution, iAPPS Content Manager delivers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities missing from most other content management products available today. The remarkably easy-to-use interface was designed with the marketer and standard business user in mind. Marketers are empowered to self-publish relevant, intriguing content with true, effortless web management capabilities – eliminating the need for IT to step in every time that content needs to be touched.

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Engaging Online Experiences

Delivering contextual information at the right time to all site visitors including employees, partners, customers and public site visitors is essential to providing an engaging experience. iAPPS Content Manager builds in the next generation tools you need to create a compelling, interactive site experience that is critical to successful adoption.

Auto-Language Translation

With the web growing at a tremendous pace, your customers and prospects could be from any corner of the world and linguistically diverse. Microsoft Translator is on the forefront of innovation in web translation experiences, helping content owners attract a world wide audience to their sites. iAPPS integration of Microsoft Translator facilitates the foreign language translation of content directly inside the iAPPS WYSIWYG editor.

Unparalleled SEO Features

iAPPS automatically creates SEO friendly real-language URLs, and offers the ability to easily maintain metadata and tags. iAPPS Content Manager automatically updates the Sitemap.xml file when page and navigation changes are made or when new pages are created. Eliminate the possibility of 404 page errors with automatic 301 Redirects when pages are moved or renamed, ensuring search engines don’t penalize your web site or miss any changes in your site navigation or content.

SharePoint Integration

iAPPS Content Manager pulls digital assets directly from a linked SharePoint library into any iAPPS managed content right from the WYSIWYG editor. iAPPS opens a modal window for easy access to linked SharePoint content like image files and documents.

Rich Media Management

Powerful, yet flexible, video and image gallery management is included allowing you to present visually appealing and engaging content throughout all of your sites. With Content Manager, images can be edited directly on the page, in context.

Targeted Personalized Content

iAPPS Content Manager can be set up to segment users based on website behaviors or entry points to ensure that you can target content as you wish.  Integrated analytics and email marketing can allow easy visitor segmentation based on browsers, mobile devices, purchases, clicks, abandoned carts and more

Web Form Creation

Content Manager comes equipped with a flexible drag-and-drop web form creation tool that enables you to collect valuable information from your site visitors and transfer the data automatically into iAPPS Marketier, ready for your email campaigns.

Easy-to-Use Solution

Site administrators can easily see content changes with Site Editor context editing. Additionally, easy-to-navigate menus and tabs in the administrative interface allow you to manage your file, text, image and other content libraries as easily as you do on your traditional desktop, while right-click context menus provide quick access to common functions.

Blog Creation and Management

Creating and maintaining blogs is easy with iAPPS Content Manager. The intuitive interface makes it simple to manage posts and comments. A fully-functional text editor, comment moderation and approval options, a robust user verification toolset, and user registration capabilities enable you to create a compelling experience for each blog visitor.  

Powerful Integration Options

With the iAPPS Framework as the foundation for all iAPPS products, integration is seamless. While Content Manager is powerful all on its own, when you deploy iAPPS Analytics, iAPPS Commerce, and iAPPS Marketier your web application becomes a dynamic, intelligent and value-driven piece of your business management toolset.

Deployment Flexibility

For our SaaS customers, we can centrally manage your implementation eliminating the need for costly backend infrastructure as well as provide seamless product updates. And for those who prefer to keep their web application in house, Bridgeline’s technology is flexible enough to offer a traditional perpetual license option.

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