Download "4 Key Factors to Consider When Going Global With Your eCommerce Initiatives"

The ascent of eCommerce provides businesses with a transactional channel that knows no boundaries. But in order to successfully take your initiatives to a global scale, your organization needs to embrace the concept of Internationalization (i18n).

Download this whitepaper to learn about the 4 Key Action Steps Required to Internationalize
your eCommerce presence:

  • Make Broad Strokes First: Currency and language translation options - backed by a secure checkout process - are the pillars to a successful eCommerce experience.
  • Localization - Make the Store Fits the Neighborhood: Creating a contextualized eCommerce experience requires personalization.
  • Logistics - Closing the Circle With Effective Options: Giving your customers options at the checkout point will help your business avoid the dreaded abandoned shopping carts.
  • eCommerce Is Meant To Be Global: More than ever, the world is your marketplace – learn why.

Once these steps are achieved, your organization will bypass traditional barriers of business and thrive in the Digital Age. And with the right technology platform, you will be able to effortlessly market your product catalog to a family in Tokyo just as easily as one in Texas.

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