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The iAPPS Commerce platform is a user-friendly, award-winning eCommerce environment, designed to empower online business with global reach and remarkable simplicity. iAPPS is developed with extraordinary ease-of-use that empowers all of your users. It’s optimized for both internationalization and localization, right out of the box, which makes it the most sophisticated solution to serve your online business to the world. Supported by multiple languages and hundreds of currency options, iAPPS Commerce leaves nothing out of the retail web experience mix.

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Real-time Inventory and Backorder Integration

Staying on top of inventory has never been more efficient with the power of iAPPS. Know if a product is in stock - or, if it's not, when it’s expected to be. See accurate and complete estimates on product price and shipment costs - including local and international sales taxes – all in real-time. With UPS WMS integration comes the security of knowing that when products come back into stock, they’ll be packed and shipped and customers notified – automatically.  No more headaches from backorders.

Easy Navigation and Search

With built-in faceted navigation and product cataloging, and breadcrumb options, customers can easily browse and navigate through product categories or search and filter products by attribute (facet), keyword, category, SKU, price and more, Best of all, all the powerful internal search capabilities come standard, not with additional licensing costs..

Complete returns solution

iAPPS Commerce offers a complete returns solution from issuing RMA numbers to setting up refunds and exchanges, along with offering a dedicated returns warehouse, CSRs have easy access to customer order records to aid in returns, refunds and exchanges, while CSR Managers can keep a close eye on the process, if desired..

International Markets

Go multi-channel in multiple geographies. With over 100 currencies and languages to leverage, and with access to UPS WMS services in over 120 different countries and more than 820 facilities, you can convert new buyers in their native tongue and offer quick, secure and easy fulfillment in short order. They can also shop confidently with international real-time shipping estimates from the closest UPS WMS facilities.

Real-Time Performance Dashboard

With the iAPPS Commerce dashboard, all of your crucial online business data is right at your fingertips –including purchase reports, financial summaries, inventory status and more; providing the information you need today in order to successfully strategize for tomorrow.


Best-in-Class Search Engine Optimization Capabilities

iAPPS Commerce, coupled with iAPPS Content Manager, offers one of the most search engine friendly eCommerce solutions on the market today. Automatically generated 301 redirects and XML sitemaps, built-in keyword management, and SEO friendly URLs for your products will ensure your online business and products achieve high-rankings with major search engines.

Seamless B2B

iAPPS Commerce easily handles all of the unique complexities of B2B eCommerce. Buy-side and sell-side are fully supported with powerful features such as: searchable online product catalogs, order management, customer pricing, customizable business order rules and buyer order workflow. The combination of services provided by iAPPS improves customer service and operating efficiencies while actually reducing warehousing and processing costs.

Dazzling Customer Experiences

Keeping conversions high and climbing means you need to go way beyond the traditional eCommerce shopping cart. The built-in integration in iAPPS Commerce offers online shoppers a targeted in-store experience online powered through sophisticated content management, email marketing and goal-oriented analytics.

Superior Product Cataloging

With other eCommerce systems it can be a challenge keeping your product information synchronous and up-to-date. On the contrary, the organizational capabilities on the iAPPS platform eliminate those headaches. Our dynamic, facet-based catalog structure automatically organizes all products into flexible, multi-level categories and translates those into SEO-friendly URLs, making products easy for your customers to find and simple for you to manage. Integration with the UPS WMS gives you and your customers access to constantly updated, real-time inventory status and accurate, less expaensive shipping and delivery estimates.

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