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iAPPS & UPS: Unlimited eCommerce Capabilities 

eCommerce Fulfilled ™iAPPS Commerce comes out-of-the-box with options like faceted product catalog management, real-time shipping costs and delivery estimates, pricing, sales tax and total checkout support for hundreds of currencies, best-in-class SEO and comprehensive reporting. The UPS Warehouse Management System (WMS) -  the foundation for The New Logistics - provides unparalleled supply chain fulfillment. The fusion of the two allows you to get things done as if you run the trains and own the tracks they run on. From click to ship, together, these two eCommerce powerhouses provide your online store with eCommerce that delivers. 

Ease of Use Empowers Marketing

The iAPPS Commerce Suite is the web’s most advanced and user-friendly eCommerce environment, designed to leverage online businesses with true global reach, and with remarkable ease. iAPPS Commerce is dedicated to your online success, and is developed around an extraordinary ease-of-use that empowers all of your users equally. It’s optimized for both internationalization and localization, right out of the box, optimized to present your online business to the global marketplace. Supported by multiple languages and hundreds of currency options, iAPPS Commerce leaves nothing out of the eCommerce mix, and collaboration with UPS WMS sets the bar to a new level in eCommerce solutions.

iAPPS Commerce integrates deeply with other iAPPS platforms to enable your sophisticated support of multi-channel marketing, content management, goal-driven and suggestion-based analytics within your eCommerce plan. With all of the currencies and supported languages iAPPS Commerce provides as leverage, you can convert buyers from around the world, in their native tongue, and deal with their native currency.

When international customers land on your site, the experience helps them shop comfortably, confidently and in a culturally familiar environment. Unified from click to ship, iAPPS allows your customers to take advantage of real-time inventory and shipping estimates – for both delivery timing and cost – from UPS WMS.


Coverage From Click to Ship: eCommerce That’s Delivered

Behind the virtual counter, the iAPPS Commerce Suite presents you with crucial online business data, right at your fingertips. A unified, easy-to-understand dashboard shows purchase reports, financial summaries, inventory status and more – all the information you need today to strategize for tomorrow. Integration with the UPS WMS redefines supply chain logistics, and gives you the upper hand with inventory control, product orders and more. Together, they provide unprecedented ease of use, from click to ship.

iAPPS Commerce helps you tackle business-to-customer retail (B2C), as well as the unique complexities of business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce. Powerful features such as searchable online product catalogs, order management, customer pricing, customizable business order rules and buyer order workflow support both buy- and sell-side processes. The dynamic, facet-based catalog structure automatically organizes products into flexible categories, making them as easy for your customers to find as they are for you to manage. Total integration with the UPS WMS provides an unprecedented ability to present customers with real-time, accurate inventory all the time. Customers can see exactly what’s in stock, how much it’ll cost to buy and ship it - including both international and local sales taxes - and when it will arrive, all in one place.

Driving online sales today means providing web-based shoppers with a sophisticated, truly in-store experience on your website. The combination of services from iAPPS and UPS WMS, more than ever before, empower you to give it to them.
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